Energy Healing

Energy Healing is a holistic approach which provides a natural way of restoring balance and harmony to our energy fields. These fields can become out of balance and be easily disrupted by things like stress, relationship problems, exhaustion, emotional trauma, injury, work place conflict, exposure to harsh environments, poor diet, drug or alcohol use, illness. and other negative life impacts. These imbalances may affect physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual well being by altering person's energy distribution known in the Eastern tradition as The Subtle Body, that encompasses auras, chakras and meridians.

Energy Healing corrects the energy imbalances underlying simple and complex disorders. It works by removing negative energy and replacing it with fresh vital energy called prana. Energy Healing is a gentle, yet powerful treatment, which brings the whole energetic system back into balance, thus enabling the energies to flow freely, resulting in general well being. Each person responds differently, however, most people get a sense of being, thinking and feeling one or more of the following outcomes:

  • Calm and Relaxed
  • Peaceful and Accepting
  • Safe and Accepted
  • Content and Balanced
  • Confident and Free
  • Connected and Energized
  • Positive and Inspired
  • Clear and Focused