Natural born healer

Being a natural healer usually means that the person who possesses this extraordinary gift is able to heal people’s physical illnesses naturally or help them spiritually. Often these abilities manifest themselves early on in healer's life and sometimes without them even realizing their potential. Though many people reach out for a bottle of prescription pain killers, a natural healer often can relieve pain with great success without resorting to chemicals.

Here are some traits that people often associate with natural born healers:

  • Experiencing physical sensation of being connected to other people and animals
  • Sensing other people's pain
  • Feeling a need to alleviate suffering of people and animals
  • Being from a family of healers
  • Being trusted by children (even by very timid kids)
  • Being a very good listener
  • Possessing strong ability to perceive and interpret patterns
  • Sensing weather changes
  • Being drawn to nature