Benefits of Energy Healing

The benefits of energy therapy may be subtle or clearly manifested but they develop gently as you experience more of it.
As an energy healing practitioner, Mark Patent uses a variety of therapeutic techniques to clear, repair and to balance the body’s energy systems. This stimulates the body’s natural healing ability and facilitates growth and self-awareness. Clients invariably report immediate feelings of change, wellbeing, lightness, centeredness and relaxation, yet the healing effect can continue for a very long time afterwards, as energy and consciousness integrate and toxins are released.


for people who prefer to take a holistic approach to their health and wellness

Energy Healing with Mark Patent provides a complementary therapy option that gives one or more of the following benefits:

  • Awareness of a positive change of energy
  • Emotional stress and trauma relief
  • Alleviation of pain and physical ailments
  • Relief of everyday stress and anxiety
  • Physical and mental relaxation
  • Increased vitality and energy
  • Energy flow balancing
  • Body hormones balancing
  • Healing dysfunction of internal organs
  • Renewed freshness of outlook
  • Re-connection with day to day life
  • Improved performance and concentration
  • Clearing of old patterns and limiting beliefs
  • Recovering from relationship breakups/loss
  • Increased motivation and goal achievement
  • Improved handling of life changes
  • Personal growth and spiritual development
  • Improved quality of sleep


energy healing provides a relaxing, rejuvenating, repairing and rebalancing experience that cleanses and aligns your chakras


are excellent in helping you to move forward with your life, clearing and healing the past, releasing the emotional and energy blockages, stimulating and boosting your immune system, healing without any medications the dysfunctions of internal organs and systems. Regular sessions will help you to feel more vibrant and energized and less stressed out. Every treatment is individually developed for each unique patient, gently healing, inspiring and enabling them to feel younger and happier.